Election 2022 debates: Democratic candidates for Congressional District 1

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Democratic candidates Jevin Hodge and Adam Metzendorf, debate the issues as they each make their case to represent Arizona’s Congressional District 1.

Opening statements:

Adam Metzendorf: “I was taught growing up through my faith and family, that if something is wrong, you can’t sit on the side line. Our current representative gets by by staying silent and to me, silence is culpable so I resign from my dream job working for the Phoenix Suns and I know that I can make a difference. In my role, I was director of membership experience meaning I oversaw a constituency of season ticket members of the Phoenix Suns, Mercury and the Rattlers, expanding 10,000 people, the entire political gambit and $60 million. And I was the guy that had to retain everyone through a global pandemic. That takes leading with empathy, proactivity, transparency, and a unique ability to invite in discourse and hear perspective to bring people forward together.

Jevin Hodge: “I am running for the United States Congress because I got my opportunity and I am going to fight every single day for you to get yours. I am the son of a single parent, Arizona native, I grew up in affordable housing, I am a proud public school kid from head start to high school. I had the opportunity to go off to one of the nation’s top universities on a pell grant. I bust my tail and now I am a business executive where I get to work on some of the nation’s most pressing issues. I’m deeply involved in our community, I serve as the proud president of the Booker T. Washington Child Development Center…and I am a problem solver…a big part of leadership is stepping up to do the job…”

Both candidates discuss the “lack” of current representation in Congressional District 1 and the importance of being involved within the community.

Other topics of discussion:

-Roe V. Wade

-Voting Rights

-Arizona Bills of Concern

-Environmental Issues

Jevin Hodge
Adam Metzendorf

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