Culinary medicine program puts new ways of approaching common diseases on the table

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You might have heard that saying of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix is putting that adage to the test. This is a program that teaches the different ways in which doctors can use food to help their patient. They are targeting lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and even cancer can be approached with this thinking. This program was created by Dr. Shad Marvasti after his students kept requesting it. Dr. Marvasti practices this with his own patients and has seen much improvement over time.

A look into the students

As for the students, they have classroom work as well as labs they have to take part in and other hands-on projects. One type of project they do involves a cooking demo every month at the Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market. They must build their own recipe from produce they choose and put on a cooking demo the consumers at the market.

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