After 50 years, weighing the impact of Title IX

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On June 23, 1972, President Richard Nixon signed the Education Amendments Act. Fast forward decades later and it’s now the 50th anniversary of Title IX. The law’s Title IX focuses on giving all genders equal equality when it comes to education, which is a civil right. However, what it’s most notably known for is how it altered women’s sports.

Two women with a history of sports joined us on Arizona Horizon. The first was former track star for ASU, Victoria Jackson. Jackson is known for winning the NCAA championship in 10,000 meters race. Now, Jackson is a sports historian and professor at Arizona State University. Also joining us was Paola Boivin, who has had quite the career in the field of sports journalism. Now, Boivin works as the Director of the Cronkite News Phoenix Sports Bureau.

Paola Boivin, director of Cronkite News Phoenix Sports Bureau
Victoria Jackson, sports historian

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