CVS Health survey shows lifestyle changes impacted by the pandemic

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The COVID pandemic has had a huge impact in our lives. CVS Health recently conducted a survey to find out more about that. The study found that Americans, including residents to Phoenix, have seen changes in physical activity, anxiety, weight, and stress. Joel Helle, Vice President for Physician Services, CVS Health discussed the top health challenges Phoenicians identified resulting from the pandemic.

What did the survey ask?

The survey covered the city of Phoenix, as well as other cities across the country. Questions included what the participants wanted from their health care providers and how the pandemic affected their well-being.

The findings

  • 50% reported kids as sources of stress
  • 81% want health care providers to be tuned into overall life satisfaction
  • 83% want better coordination among providers

These three statistics were highlighted by Joel Helle, vice president of Physician Services for CVS Health. He paid extra attention to the life satisfaction finding, saying that patients want doctors asking about their mental well-being alongside their physical metrics.

“In the past, we’ve thought about ‘check your blood pressure, give blood and check your levels and see what it is,’ and now people are saying, ‘I want this sort of mental health and connection to my blood pressure.'”

In regards to Phoenix specifically, Helle said that while people reported weight gain and an increase in anxiety throughout the country, Phoenix participants were especially affected.

Were any of the results surprising?

What most surprised Helle was the heavy desire for mental health connection. He said it was likely spurred by the increased access to healthcare professionals made possible by telehealth and other virtual options. These options, Helle says, will likely be here to stay.

“I think the telehealth and that type of thing really has a role in rural areas and underserved areas where people don’t have access to perhaps get to a doctor as simple. Those types of areas really should see a big growth.”

Joel Helle/Vice President for Physician Services, CVS Health

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