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The federal government recently announced that Arizona will have to reduce water usage from the Colorado River. One water company that serves Arizona water users is working toward water conservation in a variety of ways. Joe Gysel, President & CEO of EPCOR USA, discusses its infrastructure plans, how the organization recycles wastewater, and what the average person can do to conserve water.

What is the impact of this first round of cuts?

According to Gysel, the first round of cuts mainly affects agriculture. In terms of EPCOR USA, he says, the Colorado River only accounts for 13% of their 300,000 water connections in the state.

How does the company adjust to the cuts?

Unlike public municipalities, which operate on one unified system, EPCOR USA has 13 districts in the state, with each district operating its own distribution, collection and treatment systems. It won’t be until the government announces Tier 3 cuts, Gysel says, that the company will need to make major adjustments.

What kinds of conservation technology are in development?

Gysel says a lot of solutions are out there, but one of the main focuses of EPCOR USA has been on water loss due to leaky pipes.

“We’ve done a lot of work to invest in our systems to just remove leaks. But also we take it one step further about being more efficient in our pumping.”

Joe Gysel/President & CEO of EPCOR USA

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