Congressional District 4 Debate

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Candidates running to represent Congressional District 4 participated in a half-hour debate to discuss their views and campaigns. The candidates are Rep. Greg Stanton (D) and Kelly Cooper (R).

Greg Stanton is the Former Mayor of Phoenix, and was elected to Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, (which in Arizona’s former 9th Congressional District) in 2018.

Kelly Cooper is a restaurant owner, a community leader, and a US Marine Corps Veteran. His issues are states rights, inflation, and border security.

Opinions over clean energy solutions

“The economy here is based on oil and gas. Nobody’s going to argue that we shouldn’t go to and advance towards a green energy future. Not only is the technology that you are pushing towards today not ready for prime time our infrastructure, our economy isn’t built to handle what you are trying to peddle to the people,” Cooper said.

Stanton then explained that there has been a large investment in electric vehicles. “When we move more towards a clean energy economy, more electric vehicles on the road, we’re going to reduce demand for oil, bringing down the price,” he said.

Stanton further explained that passing this bill will increase the need for jobs and manufacturing.

Immigration and border crossings

“During my two times in Congress, we have spent over a hundred billion dollars for increase border security. We want to put more boots on the ground,” Stanton said. “We want to give those working at the border the technological tools to stop the in flow of Fentanyl.”

“This is a complex problem, and it does take a three pronged approach. We must start with securing our southern border, which is something you’ve stood against every step of the way,” said Cooper.

There soon proceeded a lengthy discussion between the two candidates over Stanton’s position of Title 42. Stanton explained that he is a co-sponsor of a bill that blocks the President from lifting current immigration restrictions without having a proper plan for how the country will handle the influx of immigrants.

Then Cooper countered that statement saying Stanton stood on the floor and blocked Title 42 from being discussed.

Rep. Greg Stanton (D), CD 4 Candidate; Kelly Cooper (R), CD 4 Candidate

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