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The Kyl Center for Water Policy has partnered with the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association and the Arizona Hydrological Society in conducting a survey of candidates for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors.

The Central Arizona Water Conservation District operates the Central Arizona Project, critical infrastructure that delivers water to Maricopa, Pinal and Pima Counties. The purpose of the survey is to help inform voters about the 14 candidates running for five positions on the CAWCD Board. The guide contains only the candidates’ responses to our questionnaire and does not include any endorsements.

We spoke to Warren Tenney, the Executive Director of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.

Click here to view the survey.

What was in the survey?

“We sent a survey to all of the candidates asking them to respond. There were six questions and the first three are the most important, that includes: Why are you running for the CAWCD board?, What do you see are the biggest challenges for CAWCD as we’re moving to a future with a lot of challenges in the Colorado River?, and What are your unique skills or perspectives that you would be bringing to help address those challenges?” said Tenney.

What were the outcomes of the survey?

“We received 11 responses, so 11 candidates responded to the survey. We compiled that together and have made it now available on AMWUA’s website, the Kyl Center for Water Policy’s website, as well as the Hydrological Society’s website,” said Tenney.

The survey was conducted as a questionnaire via email, in which the candidates would respond with written answers. There was no editing of their responses and no endorsements for the candidates.

The CAWCD is a non-partisan board, which allows for a non-partisan race. “No D or R should come into H2O,” said Tenney. “It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on; we all need water and water is very critical,” explained Tenney.

Warren Tenney/Executive Director of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association

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