Journalists’ Roundtable: 10-28-22: Hobbs Office Break-In and more

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for the journalists’ roundtable. Joining us tonight for a look at the week’s top stories are Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic &, Jim Small of the Arizona Mirror and Mary Jo Pitzl of the Arizona Republic &

This week’s top stories include:

  • Hobbs Office Break-In
  • Legal Challenges vs. Ballot Box Observers
  • Cochise County Hand Count
  • Trump to Masters: Go Harder on Election Denial
  • Ward Gets Stay from Supreme Court
  • Grijalva vs. Ukraine Policy

Hobbs Office Break-In

A man broke into the office of Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs extremely early in the morning on Tuesday. The Hobbs campaign released a statement on Wednesday night claiming that Kari Lake’s fingerprints were all over the break-in. Kari Lake was disgusted by these accusations and denied them. She held an emergency press conference, where she proceeded to scold the media, according to Roberts. The man who broke in to the office was arrested, with no pressing political motivations at all, Roberts said.

Laurie Roberts: “The irony is that you have Kari Lake holding a press conference to talk about how awful it is that the media allowed Katie Hobbs to spread this false narrative without any evidence that Lake was involved in this thing… the irony is that she’s spent the last 16 months spreading a false narrative that the election was stolen and in fact has even suggested that Katie Hobbs belongs in jail, with no evidence, so I think it was pot calling that kettle black.”

Mary Jo Pitzl: “I mean she’s [Lake] running against the media. The media is the enemy. And I suspect that no matter which way that election comes out, that will continue. We’ll be hearing from Kari Lake bashing the media whether she’s the governor or candidate in exile.”

Laurie Roberts, the Arizona Republic &; Jim Small, Arizona Mirror; Mary Jo Pitzl, the Arizona Republic &

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