Jamar Younger Discusses Lack of African American Representation in Reporters

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Jamar Younger, former President of Arizona Association of Black Journalists, sits down with Ted to discuss the issue of Black in Media including the bias in reporting, lack of reporting, and the lack of representation in the reporters.

Younger expressed that Black communities are not being covered the way they should be. Reporting on these communities tend to highlight stereotypes which Younger said is “Not respecting these communities.”

Is it a lack of reporting or the way the reporting is done?

“A lot of the cases it can be both,” said Younger. “If you don’t have the leadership in the newsroom, if you don’t have the diversity in the newsroom then that leads to a lot of bias and to a lot of communities not being covered the way that they should, because there is no one in those newsrooms that can hold reporters accountable.”

Engrained bias in society?

Ted follows to bring up examples of times when coverage of a missing black person did not receive the same attention as compared to a missing white person. Why is that? Ted asks.

“It is engrained bias- I think that is where having more black editorial leadership and black journalists in those newsrooms can help even that out and bring more attention,” to issues like these said Younger. “It takes more representation in newsrooms.”

Is there a lack of trust in the media in the Black community?

“Without a doubt!” expressed Younger. “When people watch read the news and see how they are portrayed and they don’t like the way they are portrayed, there is definitely going to be a lack of trust. When reporters come into these communities and they don’t take the time to built those relationships then that also ties into the lack of trust.”

“Journalism is all about relationships and building trust,” said Younger.

Jamar Younger

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