Phoenix Chorale brings multi-sensory event to art museum

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Phoenix Chorale brings a multi-sensory event to the Phoenix Art Museum on Mar. 24 and 25, with DOMINION.

Audiences will experience the ethereal sounds of the Grammy winning Phoenix Chorale and chamber orchestra, while viewing the stunning moving digital art projected on the walls of the museum’s Great Hall. The event features Sarah Kirkland Snider’s peice Mass for the Endangered, a powerful appeal for the health of the planet. The concert seeks to comment on man’s rise to power and the results on our planet and species. Mass for the Endangered features moving digital art created specifically for this piece, projected on the walls of the Museum’s Great Hall.

In addition to the stunning art, a chamber orchestra will accompany the Chorale, making this a truly multi-sensory event.

Arizona Horizon welcomes Phoenix Chorale Artistic Director, Chris Gabbitas, and Composer Sarah Kirkland Snider to discuss the event.

“We’re about sharing music of every kind with as many people as you possibly can because we think music is a great soundtrack for life,” said Gabbitas.

Composer Snider talks more about what to expect at the event.

“We decided to write on endangered animals and climate change and the destruction of the planet and how it impacts the most vulnerable among us,” said Snider. “We decided to take the structure of the Catholic mass and create a secular prayer out of it. Instead of addressing God and Jesus, we are addressing mother nature for forgiveness, intervention and mercy.”

How has the audience responded so far?

“It’s been very moving,” said Snider. “As a composer you can only do so much. You want to give a space for people to feel what they’re feeling. How they respond is up to them but I’ve had a number of people write to me to tell that it has inspired them them to get more involved in activism.”

Check out the event this Friday and Saturday, tickets are limited.

Chris Gabbitas, Sarah Kirkland Snider

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