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Molly Budhiraja is a 16-year-old at Basis Peoria. She developed an app called “My Wish for my Community” which makes it easier for teens to volunteer.

It became a platform for connecting the youth to their community, raising awareness about homelessness, and encouraging youth volunteers to spread positivity and hope through various volunteer projects.

Molly had said, it can sometimes be hard for a kid to find a way to help, but now with this app, there’s a way to connect. The app allows kids to find volunteering opportunities and track hours. This started for Molly in 2021, when she was collecting blankets for the homeless and realized there were too many barriers preventing teens from volunteering.

Her app received the Congressional Recognition and Award, in 2021, from Congresswoman Debbie Lesko’s office. “My Wish for My Community” app also received the official “President’s Volunteer Service Award Certification” in 2022 and she was invited to present as a Youth Commissioner, at the AZ Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism.

What motivated you?

“Back in 2020 I was driving through Downtown Phoenix and I saw a lot of homelessness and it really upset me, so I talked to my parents and asked what could I do?” said Budhiraja.

Budhiraja then began creating social media content raising awareness toward homelessness and with the help of friends, family and the community she was able to take her idea onto a bigger spectrum.

Budhiraja received many comments from other teens asking how they could too help and it was at that moment that she realized many wanted to volunteer but didn’t know where to start.

Where to access?

“My Wish for my Community” is a website at the moment but Budhiraja is working on future plans to moving it onto the app store, making it easier to download.

Molly Budhiraja

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