Maricopa County gets $46 million for homelessness programs

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More than $46.5 million in federal funding is on the way to help fund dozens of local homelessness programs in Maricopa County.

The award represents a nearly 30% increase from previous years, which will mean additional housing and services for people experiencing homelessness in the Maricopa region.

Rachel Milne, Co-chair of the Maricopa Continuum of Care, joined Arizona Horizon with more details.

In a bid to address the pressing issue of homelessness, significant funds have been allocated to assist programs aiding individuals and families in need across America.

With a $10 million increase over last year’s budget announced in late January, Milne elaborated on the allocation, highlighting its impact on various programs. She noted that approximately 26 projects would benefit from the grant, alongside infrastructure enhancements like the Homeless Management Information System and intake system improvements.

“The $47 million will support housing and services projects for individuals and families,” Milne explained. “With rising rent costs in recent years, this increase is crucial in maintaining stability and assisting households reliant on our continuum of care.”

Milne said that the allocation of nearly $4 million is going towards infrastructure improvements, particularly in enhancing the Homeless Management Information System.

The Continuum of Care, operates as a community-wide initiative to combat homelessness. Milne highlighted the collaborative efforts involving government officials, nonprofit representatives, service providers, and individuals with lived experiences.

The role of increased funding is to maintain housing stability for over 2,100 households and prevent displacement despite growing rent prices.

“While we aspire to serve more individuals through permanent supportive housing, the primary goal is to ensure that no one loses their housing,” Milne said.

Rachel Milne, Co-chair of the Maricopa Continuum of Care

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