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Arizona PBS, Cronkite School nominated for 39 Emmy and Student Production Awards

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Arizona PBS received 13 Emmy nominations from the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, while Arizona State University students from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication dominated the intercollegiate contest with 26 nominations.

Arizona PBS took home nominations across a variety of categories and stories for local shows such as “Plate & Pour,” “Arizona Horizon” and “Catalyst.” Nominations represented numerous categories including program specials, videography, audio production, and program host for chef Mark Tarbell of “Plate & Pour.”

“We are so thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to telling stories that reflect our vibrant Arizona communities,” said Arizona PBS General Manager Mary Mazur. “I am enormously proud that ‘Plate & Pour’ and ‘Catalyst’ have been recognized in their first broadcast seasons – an affirmation of the hard work and creativity of our staff.”

The Cronkite School, home of Arizona PBS, captured more Student Production Award nominations than any other school. Cronkite students received half of the collegiate competition’s 53 total nominations.

The Student Production Awards annually represent the best in collegiate and high school journalism. Since 2009, the Cronkite School has won 49 Student Production Awards, the most of any school in the region.

“The Cronkite School’s repeated dominance in this important competition is a testament to the hard work of our outstanding students and faculty. Their dedication to quality is inspiring, and I couldn’t be prouder,” said Cronkite School Dean and Arizona PBS CEO Christopher Callahan.

The Rocky Mountain Emmy and Student Production Award winners will be announced during the 41st annual Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards celebration Sept. 14 in Phoenix.

In addition, “Arizona Horizon” producer Mike Sauceda will be inducted into the Silver Circle Society of the NATAS Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter, an achievement reserved for media veterans in the Southwest who have shown exemplary service throughout their career.

Sauceda has worked on “Arizona Horizon” since joining Arizona PBS in 1990. In this time, he has traveled to practically every city and town across Arizona, talking to the people whose stories are the fabric of the show. Those who know him well admire his professionalism, humor and kindness. Sauceda will join a distinguished group in the Silver Circle, including “Arizona Horizon” host Ted Simons.

Last year, the Cronkite School won seven Student Production Awards, the most of any school. Arizona PBS took home awards for audio production by David Angell and Alex Kosiorek and for video editing by Alex Kline. All three have been nominated again this year.

NATAS is a professional service organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry. The Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter represents Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and El Centro, California.

For a complete list of nominees and categories, visit the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter at


Arizona PBS Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominations

Historic/Cultural – Program Special

Saguaro Cactus Genome – “Catalyst” segment
Scot Olson, producer
Margery Punnett, producer
Steve Filmer, producer
Bailey Netsch, producer

Technology – News Single Story/Series/Feature/Program Feature/Segment/Program/Special

“Catalyst: Shaping the Future”
Steve Filmer, producer

Communication Devices – “Arizona Horizon” segment
Allysa Adams, reporter
Langston Fields, videographer/editor


“Plate & Pour” featuring Taco Chelo
Melissa Thompson, producer
Margery Punnett, producer
Shana Fischer, producer
Rebecca Guldberg, producer
Alexander Kline, producer
Scot Olson, videographer

Interview/Discussion – Feature/Segment/Program Special

“Plate & Pour” featuring Vincent’s
Melissa Thompson, producer
Alexander Kline, producer
Rebecca Guldberg, producer
Margery Punnett, producer
Shana Fischer, producer
Scot Olson, videographer

“Plate & Pour” featuring Voila French Bistro
Scot Olson, editor
Margery Punnett, producer

Magazine Program – Feature/Segment

“Plate & Pour” featuring Hidden Kitchen
Margery Punnett, producer
Alexander Kline, editor

Magazine Program – Program/Special or Series

“Plate & Pour” featuring Tratto
Melissa Thompson, producer
Margery Punnett, producer
Shana Fischer, producer
Rebecca Guldberg, producer
Alexander Kline, producer
Scot Olson, videographer

Promotion Program – Single Spot or Image

“Plate & Pour” Promotion – Watch Online
Alexander Kline, producer/editor

Audio – Live or Post Production

ASU Symphony Orchestra featuring Michelle Nam, piano
Alex Kosiorek, senior audio engineer
David Angell, audio engineer

Turning Classical Music Inside Out – “Arizona Horizon” segment
Alex Kosiorek, mix engineer
Eric Xu, audio engineer

Editor – Program (Non-News)

Alexander Kline, editor

Talent – Program Host/Moderator

Chef Mark Tarbell, host/narrator for “Plate & Pour”


Cronkite School Student Production Award Nominations

College Newscast

Choose Your News
Hayley Brand, producer

Cronkite Noticias
Aleli Elizondo, Karina Espinoza, Marcella Baietto, Paulina Verbera, Samuel Leal, Mia Armstrong, Lilian Donahue, Julia Bashaw, Gabriella Del Rio, Adin Tarr, Zachary Vesledahl

Vaccination Super Block
Matt Kling, producer

College News: General Assignment

Venezuelans in Tucson
Marcella Baietto, reporter

Venezuelan Migrants in Peru
Allison Barton, reporter

Daycare Inspections
Nicole Hernandez, reporter

Eagles of the Desert
Austin Westfall, reporter

College Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

Aleli Elizondo, reporter

Carla Maldonado, reporter

College Short Form Non-Fiction

Don & Charlie’s
Taylor Rocha, reporter

College Long Form Non-Fiction

American Hate
Justin Parham, Scott Bourque, Brittany Brown, Shelby Knowles, Jasmine Putney, Ashley Mackey

Blind Courage: The Adonis Watt Story
Kynan Marlin, producer/cinematographer/editor
Grace Fuerte, director
Dustin Pare, cinematographer/graphics/sound
Luke Forstner, cinematographer/color correction

College Sports

A Bond Beyond Basketball
Bailey O’Carroll, reporter

Cheatham’s Journey
Chancellor Johnson, reporter

Family Bond
Jake Trybulski, reporter

From the Military to the Mats
Chancellor Johnson, reporter

Rez Golf
Jake Trybulski, reporter/producer
Drake Duanaway, reporter/producer

Vision for Success
Matt Lively, reporter

College Public Affairs/Community Service

Peru Education & Entrepreneurs
Anikka Abbott, reporter

Memories of the “Forgotten War”
Lillian Donahue, reporter

Opioid Coverage
Bryce Newberry, reporter

College Magazine Program

ASU vs. OSU Pregame Show
Scott Gange, producer/host

College Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

James Barnitz, editor

College Talent

Jordan Evans, weathercaster

Matt Lively, anchor/reporter

Scotty Gange, sports reporter/anchor

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