‘Silent Witness’ returns with new crime-solving dramas

“Silent Witness” is back with more crimes, detectives, forensics and mystery. Tune in Sundays at 10 p.m., beginning March 24, on Arizona PBS.

The BBC series, which focuses on a team of London-based forensic pathologists and scientists and their investigations into various crimes. Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) is a skilled pathologist whose expertise in archaeology and forensic anthropology make her an invaluable asset. The team works together with police as they seek justice for the victims of violent crimes.

March 24

“Life License, Part 1” (10 p.m.): An ex-convict is killed and suspicion lands on a recently released child killer. As other former long term prisoners out on a life licence come under scrutiny, the team learn how fragile their freedom is. Working with Sasha Blackburn, a forensic psychologist specializing in convicts released on life licences, the team try to ensure these damaged men are treated fairly despite their past crimes.
“Life License, Part 2” (11 p.m.): The team revisit a 15-year old case when they discover that Paul may have lied about his identity so far. Their investigation re-opens old wounds for the victim’s family however. Further bodies are discovered and a killer with a distinctive, sadistic pattern is clearly on the loose. The team turns to Sasha for advice on the killer, but she may be too close to the suspects to help.

March 31

“In Plain Sight, Part 1” (10 p.m.): The Firearms Division comes under fire when a Polish teenager is accidentally killed during an armed police operation. Soon after the inquest clears the officer, the mutilated body of a Turkish man is found in close proximity to the original incident. IPCC investigator Vicky Sharpe suspects a link and approaches the Lyell for help in reviewing the evidence. More bodies are found which leads the team toward Turkish gangsters.
“In Plain Sight, Part 2” (11 p.m.): The body of an armed officer is found and a manhunt begins for the suspected killer named Bruno. Jack thinks he may be able to talk Bruno into handing himself in and sets off on his own. His search leads him to London’s gun trade — a small business with a massive impact on the lives of those it touches. Meanwhile, the surviving firearms officers become paranoid following their colleague’s murder.

April 7

“River’s Edge, Part 1” (10 p.m.): A family is coldly murdered during a picnic by the River Malt, clinically and methodically shot by their murderer. The Lyell team’s investigation soon points towards the mother’s estranged husband. One of the detectives working the case believes the case is as good as closed, but another is haunted by an unsolved case from the past and is determined to exhaust every lead before closing the case.
“River’s Edge, Part 2” (11 p.m.): Amy’s past begins to catch up with her, risking her medical career and everything else. They are quickly thrust into an unexpected and depraved world where their lives are in danger, even as more murders are discovered. As events progress, Amy’s personal nightmare and the Lyell investigation begin to converge, and the crimes may link to people in very high places.



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