April 23 | Grades Pre-K–3

At-Home Learning Tips

Embrace Your Culinary Creativity
Spending time in the kitchen is a fun and tasty way to keep in touch. Sure, this can get messy, but the reward is you get to eat whatever your kid makes — and hopefully it will be delicious. Have your kids or their friends choose a recipe each week to make together via video chat. Find some more ideas to help kids stay close to their friends online and offline.


Daily Programming

Thursday on Arizona PBS

5:00 a.m. Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: I am Helen Keller/ I Am Alexander Graham Bell

Arthur’s Giving and Keeping – Online Game
Shelter From The Storm – Interactive Activity

5:30 a.m. Cyberchase: Out of Sync

Top Flight – Activity
2-D to 3-D Shapes – Activity

6:00 a.m. SciGirls: Dolphin Dive

Workin It Out – Activity
Scientific Inquiry Process – Printout


Additional Resources

ACTIVITY: City Nature Challenge
When Sadie is sad because she can’t play in nature with her friends, the Nature Cat crew helps bring nature to the city. During school closures, kids can also find plenty of nature in the city and the City Nature Challenge shows them how! The program encourages everyone to go outside and find nature from the safety of their yards or at a safe distance in their neighborhoods. Look in the grass, on plants, under benches and tables, and up in the trees, snap photos of cool wild plants and animals and share them in a special citizen scientist app — how many different species will you find?

LESSON: Malaya and Friends
After hearing differences between American and British English, your child can join real kids in saying the sounds and words made by the letters: Mm, Kk, Pp, Jj, Bb, Ii, Ff, Uu, and Rr. With this lesson plan, your child will watch funny videos and play games while learning and practicing the alphabet!

VIDEO: L.A.’s Griffith Park Mountain Lion with Miguel Ordeñana
The most heroic urban nature story in Los Angeles is the journey of P-22, a male mountain lion who traveled across the city and two busy freeways to get to Griffith Park. Watch this video with your child to learn all about him from Miguel Ordeñana, the Natural History Museum’s community science manager.


A green monster with a goofy grin holds a large toothbrush. Text: HealthySmileLearning.org Video Contest: How does your favorite monster brush its teeth?
Oct. 8

Digital Video Contest 2023

Hispanic Heritage Awards image
airs Sept. 29

Hispanic Heritage Awards

Tito Munoz conducting the Phoenix Symphony
aired Sept. 25

Opening Night: A Romantic Evening

A ferris wheel at a state fair in the evening

See Fairytales on Ice: Beauty and the Beast at the Arizona State Fair

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