Suranne Jones and Eve Best for MaryLand on Masterpiece

‘MaryLand’ on Masterpiece: The Finale

Sunday, May 19 at 8 p.m.

Don’t miss the gripping finale of “MaryLand on Masterpiece” this Sunday, May 19, featuring Suranne Jones and Eve Best. In this thrilling conclusion, two estranged sisters reunite under mysterious circumstances as they unravel the hidden truths behind their mother’s unexpected death and her secretive double life on the Isle of Man.

Tune in to witness the dramatic unraveling of deep family secrets. For Arizona PBS Passport members, the entire three-episode series is available for binge-watching online now.

Join us for a compelling journey into family, mystery, and revelation.

Episode 1

When sisters Becca and Rosaline receive shocking news about their mother, they fly to the Isle of Man to find out more and are reunited in their sorrow after years of distance.

Episode 2

As Becca and Rosaline deal with the fallout from their mother’s death, new revelations emerge, and the sisters cope in different and sometimes destructive ways.

Episode 3

Everything comes to a head as Richard and Jim arrive on the Isle of Man. Mary’s actions continue to have an impact on the entire family as they try to heal and reconnect.

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