SugarJam The Southern Kitchen: From cookies to comfort

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SugarJam The Southern Kitchen is a modernized country-style eatery that’s great for brunch, dinner and of course, dessert!

Starting out as a small cookie-making business, chef and owner Dana Dumas would sell her fresh-baked cookies at local farmer’s markets until she was able to buy property from one of her very own customers.

Now an expanded, family-owned comfort-food diner, SugarJam can be found near Hayden Road and Raintree Drive in Scottsdale.

Guest Star Morrison said the southern hospitality environment is unmatched — pairing perfectly with Southern-style comfort food like chicken and waffles and French toast.

“The waffle was like cake,” she said. Morrison said she doesn’t normally opt for sweet waffles, but SugarJam’s definitely take the cake (so to speak). “Normally I need it crispy, but for some reason, I was OK with the soft and it was amazing.”

Morrison also gave glowing reviews of the chicken. “I need to figure out if I can purchase this batter because it was amazing. It was the perfect amount of crisp; you can hear the crunch.”

Chef and host Mark Tarbell appreciated that aspect, too: “Hear the crunch, be the crunch,” he quipped.

Some of Dumas’ recipes are passed down from her father, whom she looked up to in the kitchen while she was growing up. Dumas said she wants people to come in and feel a sense of “togetherness” while eating her food.

“One of my favorites is the Parisian-style French toast, marinated in Grand Marnier, served with chicken tenders,” Dumas said. “That one I hold very dear to my heart. My dad has been making me French toast since I was a little girl.”

Morrison finished her glowing review with just six words: “Great vibes, great food, great service.”

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