The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale is cooking up modern Latin cuisine

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Tucked in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, The Mission is a fusion of Spanish and Latin American flavors that is both traditional and flavorful.

This casual upscale restaurant specializes in “modern Latin cuisine” skillfully prepared by Scottsdale-native chef Matt Carter.

The idea for the restaurant was to “bring a few dishes from Latin America that didn’t exist here in the Valley,” he said. From there, the design fell into place organically.

The Scottsdale restaurant, which is one of two locations, resembles an old Spanish mission. Fittingly enough, it just so happens to also be near the oldest mission church in Scottsdale.

With a wall made from Himalayan salt brick that surrounds the kitchen, Carter boasts about The Mission providing an “instant relaxation” experience that sets off an “ember and warm feeling across the room.”

Chiles are the backbone of this Latin restaurant. In fact, they use about 35 different chiles of all different types. The southwest cuisine is as authentic as it is fresh, serving guests guacamole made table-side.

Guest Sharon Waldie, a Valley tour guide, recommends The Mission to everyone she meets thanks to their great service and even greater dishes. One of her favorite dishes is their street corn topped with lime juice and cotija cheese.

Guests also tried chilaquiles and pork and fish tacos, which they described as being full of flavor.

Pairing drinks with food, The Mission’s Spicy Hibiscus drink was a refreshing fan favorite that left Waldie craving another.

For the grande finale, guest Peter Royers ordered the bread pudding. Royers’ remarks could be wrapped up in one word: “Delicious.”

Restaurant address: 3815 N Brown Ave, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone number: (480) 636-5005


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