President Trump threatens to shut down the border

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President Donald Trump is threatening to shut down the southern U.S. Border and officials have warned the president that the move would have serious consequences.

Dennis Hoffman, an economist and professor at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, says not only would it affect both countries, but Arizona’s economy would also be impacted.

“Mr. Trump believes he will make money from this deal,” Hoffman explained. “His logic is ‘If I close the border, I’ll save $75 billion.'”

Hoffman explained with $15 billion dollars in trade between Arizona and Mexico, the country serves as the Grand Canyon State’s largest trading partner.

“Tens-of-thousands would be attached to trade in this state,” Hoffman said. “This is a big loser for Mexico, but also the United States. There’s just no debate about that.”

This is the third time POTUS has threatened to close the border due to illegal border crossings.

Dennis Hoffman

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