Analyzing the day after the election both locally and nationally

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Back to the Election, ballots are still being counted in Arizona and other areas around the country. We got an overview of what we know so far with Republican strategist Lorna Romero and Democratic consultant Chris Herstam.

Romero stated that, “with the significant number of uncounted ballots especially in Maricopa County, a lot of these races are just too close to call at this point.”

But there are some Democratic leads within Arizona, “I think from the federal level, it’s a big night for Democrats here in Arizona. We’re going to have two US senators that are Democrats. Biden carries Arizona for the first time, and the Democrats will still control five of the nine congressional district races,” said Herstam.

It looks as though within the legislative races, the Republicans will still control both chambers.

Romero said that although some registered Republicans may have voted for Biden and Mark Kelly, when it comes to the local races, they still stuck with the Republican party.

“If you look at the preliminary exit polling that the New York Times has put out, what saves Biden and Kelly’s bacon here in Arizona, really are the young vote, which is overwhelmingly Democratic,” said Herstam.

But as you go down the ballot, including the Corporation Commission, they then flipped and went back to Republican.

Although, Julie Gunnigle “holds on to her lead for Maricopa County Attorney, [she] was as progressive as you can be in her campaign, she did not hold back at all and she’s winning right now,” said Herstam.

Romero said how fast they made the call for Prop 207–the legalization of marijuana in Arizona–surprised her.

“It’s just funny to see how, you know, a few election cycles ago it was very controversial and now it’s one of those things that just was pretty much under the radar,” said Romero.

The election is still in progress and results are not yet finalized.

Lorna Romero, Owner, Elevate Strategies
Chris Herstam, Consultant, Columnist, Arizona Mirror

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