Journalists’ Roundtable 07-16-21: Senate Ballot Recount, Ducey vs. Schools’ COVID Policies

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Time now for this week’s Journalists’ Roundtable, and for a look into the Senate recount and voting novelties, we welcome Jeremy Duda of Arizona Mirror and Luige del Puerto of Arizona Capitol Times.

This week’s journalists’ roundtable covered:

    • Judge Rules on Senate Recount
    • Senate Hearing on Recount
    • New Voting Machines
    • Ducey vs. Schools’ COVID Policies

 Ducey vs. Schools’ COVID Policies

Jeremy Duda: “It’s kind of a confusing thing where the governor’s office is telling them one thing, health services is telling them another, all while we have an uptake of cases in the state. We have the governor ascending the White House letters to keep restrictions in place so migrants with COVID can’t get in. There’s a lot of confusing mixed messages here.”

Luige del Puerto : “At the end of the day, the governor gets what he wants…If we are still under an emergency, the governor can just go and do another executive order…I don’t really see the school districts winning this fight.”

Judge Rules on Senate Recount

Jeremy Duda: “If she ( Karen Fann) thinks it’s not about Trump I think she might be the only one. I mean, I think that’s probably the one part about this audit that both critics and supporters can all agree on.”

Luige del Puerto: “I don’t see the county winning a court case in which they would resist a subpoena from the Senate, I mean they tried that one before.”

Jeremy Duda, Arizona Mirror; Luige Del Puerto, Arizona Capitol Times

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