Journalists’ Roundtable: 11-19-21: Gosar Censured, Hobbs Bid Hobbled, Bowers vs. Trump

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It’s time now for the Journalists’ Roundtable and here to talk about the week’s top stories we welcome Ronald Hansen of The Arizona Republic and Jeremy Duda of Arizona Mirror.

Rep. Gosar censured by U.S. House of Representatives

Ronald Hansen: “This is all because of the animated videos. This video has several disturbing aspects to it I think, notably Alexandria Ocasio Cortez being killed by him. And then what is an attack about to happen to President Biden. This is something that’s especially disturbing in Arizona since we have not that long ago seeing the effects of violence against political figures.”

Jeremy Duda: “You know, at a time when we’ve seen you know, just a couple of years ago as a member of Congress, Congressman Steve Scalise was actually shot during a congressional baseball; game and of course what we had happen at the Capitol by a violent mob that was trying to decide to try to overturn the election. Things are very tense, it’s a tense atmosphere right now, this was kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Hobbs Bid Hobbled

Jeremy Duda: “The Senate manager was able to get a retrial ordered on the issue of whether Talonya Adams was fired for complaining about that pay or whether she was fired for cause. The jury came back last week and said she was in fact fired in a discriminatory fashion. And because that firing was essentially ordered by Katie Hobbs. This has become a major factor and something that a lot of people are it’s really casting a pall over a campaign now.”

Bowers vs Trump

Ronald Hansen: “This is a very interesting story that I’ve worked on with my colleague and what we found is that in Congress, in conversations with Speaker Bowers that he was subjected to many of the same high-pressure calls and appeals from the Trump folks, the President himself, Rudy Giuliani, there were others who came to Phoenix back in November to hear from them about the case for widespread fraud. All of this was something that they made this pitch to Speaker Bowers, and he essentially rejected it. He said, Look, I supported the president, I voted for him but show me the evidence, and I’m with you.

Ronald Hansen/Arizona Republic & Jeremy Duda/Arizona Mirror

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