Arizona governor’s race gaining steam

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The governor’s race is tightening up, especially on the Republican side, with a recent poll showing former TV anchor Kari Lake losing some of her once-formidable lead over former congressman Matt Salmon. We talked about the latest GOP numbers with political consultant Lorna Romero of Elevate Strategies.

Once thought to be the front runner, Kari Lake’s most recent poll shows she may be “capping out.” Romero said she may have plateaued when it comes to Trump-related messages which have been the main message of the campaign.

“Possibly Trump fatigue,” Romero said, adding it is still early in the race, and now that people are putting money into the races the numbers are going to shift.

“Any republican primary has to thread the needle,” getting both far-right and moderates’ approval. Additionally, they will have to fundraise enough to be able to compete with Sen. Mark Kelly, who Romero said has plenty of funds.

One Republican candidate, Karrin Taylor Robinson, could potentially raise enough funds to compete with Kelly. She was the first to appear on TV and has the resources and money to sustain her media presence until the election, all of which is extremely helpful and advantageous, Romero said.



Lorna Romero, Owner, Elevate Strategies

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