Pawsitive Friendships helps people with special needs

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An organization called Pawsitive Friendships helps individuals with special needs who are not engaging or progressing in their therapy by providing Animal Assisted Therapy, thereby supporting them through the unconditional love of an animal-human friendship.

Therapy teams provide goal-orientated animal therapy to individuals with special needs in educational, clinical and day program settings.

Pawsitive Friendships was founded by Tosha Tharp-Gaitanis in 2014. Her son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at age 4, and they found that adding Zoe, their French Bulldog, into his exercises, helped her son’s compliance and focus.  

Tharp-Gaitanis joined Arizona Horizon to tell us more, as did Pawsitive Friendships French Bulldog, Jacques!

Tosha Tharp-Gaitanis, Founder and CEO, Pawsitive Friendships
Jacques the French Bulldog

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