April 2 | Grades 4–8

Programming Highlights

Nova: Lethal Seas
For years, we’ve known that the oceans absorb about a quarter of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. But with high carbon emissions worldwide, this silent killer is entering our seas at a staggering rate, raising the ocean’s acidity. It’s eating away at the skeletons and shells of marine creatures that are the foundation of the web of life. NOVA follows the scientists making breakthrough discoveries and seeking solutions. Watch a preview here.

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History Detectives: Civil War Bridge?

Winter, 1865: the final stages of General Sherman’s bloody march through the South. On February 17th, the capitol city of Columbia, South Carolina lay squarely in the General’s crosshairs. In a last-ditch effort to protect the vital railroad hub and the thousands of terrified refugees packing city streets, Confederate soldiers destroyed the remaining bridge over the Broad River. Nearly a century and a half after these dramatic events, David Brinkman of Columbia, South Carolina, believes a longstanding marker commemorating this history has missed the mark.

The Great American Read: Villains & Monsters
How do novels featuring our favorite villains and monsters help us understand why people behave badly? We examine the evil characters in our favorite novels, to find out why we go to the dark side. We also meet authors who have created some of our best-loved villains. Watch a preview here.

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At-Home Learning Tips

Managing Family Anxiety
Make sure your kids feel safe by maintaining a positive environment at home. Even at a young age, children can pick up on stressful situations by observing their parents’ or older siblings’ responses. Let children know not to worry because there are plenty of people who are working hard to keep the world safe. Read more tips about how to manage family anxiety during these uncertain times.


Daily Programming

Thursday on KLCS
6:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. NOVA: Lethal Seas
Question | Answer
Uneven Sea Level Rise – Video
Ocean Acidification and Marine Life – Interactive

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: Civil War Bridge
Question | Answer
Civil War Checklist – Document

8:30 a.m. Africa’s Great Civilizations: Cities
Question | Answer
Explore Africa’s Great Civilizations – Map
The Expansion of Islam and Trade in Africa – Discussion Questions

9:30 a.m. Genius by Stephen Hawking: Why Are We Here?
Question | Answer
Your Brain and Moral Decision-Making – Lesson Plan
Magic and the Brain – Video

11:30 a.m. The Great American Read: Villains & Monsters
Question | Answer
Iago: The Ultimate Villain – Video
And Then There Were None – Discussion Questions


Additional Resources

Rethinking The Coast with the Ti’at Society
Climate change and urban development have significantly altered ocean conditions and our ability to access the coast, making it more and more difficult for the Tongva tribe to carry on their long-held seafaring traditions. Today, members of the Tongva, Chumash and Acjachemen are rebuilding their connection with the ocean and the Channel Islands by rebuilding a Ti’at, a traditional Tongva canoe.

Ti’at Society with Moomat Ahiko | Still from “Tending Nature”

Confederate States Word Search
Train your eyes to watch out for all the Confederates states in this word search.

Top Ten Heroes and Villains of Children’s Literature
Are your favorite heroes and villains on this list? Find out enduring characters from beloved stories throughout time.

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