Oak on Camelback: An upscale casual restaurant

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Set in the heart of Phoenix, Oak on Camelback is a St. Francis neighborhood gathering place for the people and the community. The menu centers around the wood-fired oven. 

While still focusing on seasonal, sustainable ingredients, Chef Robert Bogart highlights how they master the art of comfort foods you love while also celebrating an occasional kick of spice. 

Bogart’s love for cooking, especially with a wood-fired oven, ties back to camping with his grandfather. “My grandfather was my inspiration for cooking,” Bogart said. “I grew up in Dallas, and we’d go camping with a wood-fired Dutch oven.”

One of their most popular dishes, ordered by our guest Adrienne Fairwell, General Manager of Arizona PBS, is the Moroccan meatballs. “They are absolutely juicy enough to melt in your mouth with one bite,” she said. 

As an entree, Fairwell also orders the forbidden fried chicken. “It was fried just right, it was juicy, it was tender, it was seasoned to perfection,” Fairwell said. 

Guests also enjoy the Thai peanut salad, the forbidden rice and the baked goat cheese.

All of our guests enjoy the dining experience and suggest it was a great place. “Kid friendly if you need it to be, but it’s also date night. It’s also friends, it’s also new-in-town,” Fairwell said. “Great environment, and the food is always fresh. For me it is a 10 out of 10.”

Oak on Camelback is a refreshing blend of old and new–classic charm with a modern culinary philosophy.

Restaurant address: 111 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Phone number: 602-200-8111

Website: oakoncamelback.com

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