Increases in COVID-19 cases reported in Arizona schools

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Increases in COVID-19 cases are being reported in schools across the state. We spoke to Former State Health Director, Will Humble, who found a silver lining to the increasing numbers.

Humble said going back to in-person classes was never a zero risk situation so cases were to be expected, but there are positives to take away from school being moved to the in-person environment.

Humbles points out that if you are receiving letters from your child’s school about positive cases, that it means the school is actively tracing cases and identifying symptoms and asking parents to get their children checked for COVID-19.

“The question becomes, what are they doing with the information? Are they acting properly? Are they doing case investigations? Are they recognizing which students are at a higher risk and asking them to stay away from in-person instruction?” Humbles said. “But the cases aren’t bad in and of themselves, it means the system could be working.”

Humbles goes on to say that although Arizona has the 4th highest rate of COVID cases in school, it could be a result of schools actively looking for people infected.

Will Humble, Executive Director of Arizona Public Health Association

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