State GOP remains divided on Ducey’s silence on claims of election fraud

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Some Republicans in the state are going after Governor Ducey for his response, or lack thereof, to claims of election fraud.

Indeed, the Governor’s leadership has been questioned by Republicans ranging from Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar, to State Republican Chair Kelli Ward, with the Governor’s current and former chiefs of staff tweeting counter-attacks at the Governor’s critics.

What’s going on with the State GOP? We asked political consultant Chuck Coughlin.

Coughlin started by stating that the State GOP is following in the same line of thought as President Trump in regards to the 2020 Election results, placing their party loyalty over loyalty to the country.

“It’s disappointing,” Coughlin said. “They’re breaking their oaths to support, as the Governor pointed out, that they have a higher oath to the state laws and to the Constitution, to support those over party loyalty.”

Coughlin believes that the “fraud” claims are a way for these leaders to continue to “ride a Republican Trump bandwagon to the next election cycle.” Coughlin also thinks that following the loser of an election is not a good political strategy if Republicans want to win over Maricopa County in the following elections.

Coughlin emphasized that this behavior is part of our culture these days. He believes the country has become more individualistic and is more concerned about putting their personal interests ahead of other people’s interests.

“People put their loyalty, which is about themselves and what they perceive to be their path forward politically, above everything else,” Coughlin said.

As far as the 2022 Primary Election, Coughlin is unsure if this response to the 2020 Election will encourage more Republican nominees to run. Yet, he is almost certain this “fracture” will show up in some way.

In regards to Governor Doug Ducey, Coughlin believes he is in a difficult spot for the upcoming primary.

“He does not tolerate public criticism well from his own party,” Coughlin said.

Overall, Coughlin believes the State GOP needs to communicate better.

“Leadership is about creating relationships, [but] what’s happening now is not about relationships, it’s about self-interest and ego.”



Chuck Coughlin, CEO and President of HighGround

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