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The Arizona PBS show “Check, Please!” is back. The local restaurant review and discussion show returns after 4 years on hiatus. The host of “Check, Please!,” Mark Tarbell, told us more about this reboot.

“It’s a great program because it’s almost like it’s like ‘Yelp’ on TV…the integrity of it is..we select three viewers, they each bring a restaurant in themselves, all of the viewers go to each other’s restaurants and then we talk about it on-air,” Tarbell said.

Tarbell adds that the guests on the show have been adding their own opinions on different components of these restaurants.

“It can get a little spicy sometimes,” Tarbell said.

He added that this really is about sitting around at the table with friends.

When looking for great restaurant reviews, it can be hard to read things online, that’s why Tarbell thinks it’s great to hear from guests who mimic friends and neighbors that a person may ask a recommendation from.

“I’m endlessly fascinated and curious as a person, but especially my love and passion is food and restaurants,” Tarbell said.

He said he’s learned so much about the neighborhood restaurants in Arizona and appreciates each guest’s intellect and opinions on these foods and places.

To find out more information about “Check, Please!” and how you may be able to get involved with the show, click here.

Mark Tarbell, Host of "Check, Please! Arizona"

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