UArizona’s New Cannabis Programs

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The University of Arizona will offer new three noncredit cannabis certification programs to educate students about various aspects of the robust industry that has emerged since legalization. Certifications will be offered in the Business of Cannabis, Cannabis Law and Policy, and Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine, with each including three eight-week online courses.

Craig Wilson, Vice Provost for Online & Distance Education at the University of Arizona, said the Business of Cannabis course covers scaling operations–how to expand your cannabis business, while the Law and Policy course will cover the history of cannabis, regional analysis, as well as emerging sectors and regulation. Wilson said this course is more geared towards those pursuing occupations in law enforcement or as an attorney. Meanwhile, the Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine will cover “the essentials of cannabis medicine and integrated clinical practice” of cannabis medicine and is more geared for healthcare professionals, he said.

Class instructors will be board-certified positions; psychiatrists, clinical specialists, pharmacologists, attorneys and other legal professionals, as well as top executives and entrepreneurs in the field. Students are able to enroll in more than one program, however, Wilson recommends they have some foundational knowledge about the course if it does not directly align with their pursued occupation.

Registration for classes is already open, with classes starting March 7, 2022. Each certificate will cost around $3,000. For more information visit

Craig Wilson, Vice Provost for Online & Distance Education at the University of Arizona

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