Ballet school and orchestras team up for Sleeping Beauty

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The School of Ballet Arizona and Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestra are collaborating on a production of Sleeping Beauty in June at Madison Center for the Arts. The show runs June 3 through June 5. We found out more about the production from Maria Simonetti, the school director of The School of Ballet Arizona, and Matthew Kasper, the artistic and general director of The Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestras.

This is extra special as it will be their second production together, their first being just last May when they performed Swan Lake in the midst of strict COVID-19 restrictions. In addition, this was the first collaboration of a youth ballet and youth symphony in the country.

This production, sponsored by Freed of London USA, demonstrates and celebrates the remarkable accomplishments of both organizations and gives audiences the rare opportunity to experience a show by the next generation of performing artists in Phoenix.

The audience can get a glimpse of the progression in ballet and musical training from intermediate all the way to to advanced-level students on the verge of professional careers, as they perform the treasured fairytale. This Sleeping Beauty production is full of curses, magic, and fantasy. Sleeping Beauty displays all the charms and grandeur of classical ballet. The show mixes elaborate choreography, memorable characters, and Tchaikovsky’s magnificent and memorable score.

“The dedication of these young artists has been on display in the countless hours they have spent rehearsing and training for this production,” said Simonetti. “The choreography continues to inspire dancers of all ages and is a particular rite of passage for any aspiring young dancer to perform.”

“As an artist, we need to perform and share with the audience,” said Kasper. “The creativity, ingenuity and collegiality of the arts will be on display in this production, as over two hundred of the most talented dancers and musicians will come together to create this one-of-a-kind experience.”

The School of Ballet Arizona offers performances that demonstrate the remarkable accomplishments of the students. Students from primary to pre-professional perform works choreographed for professional companies and ballets specifically created for them to showcase their amazing talent and training. Last May was the inaugural collaboration with the School of Ballet Arizona and Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestras, as they performed Swan Lake at three sold-out performances at Desert Botanical Garden

Tickets are on sale now, and are available online or by calling 602-381-1096.

Madison Center for the Arts is a state-of-the-art venue featuring a 908-seat auditorium, large veranda and spacious lobby. It also has a soaring 40-foot ceiling. The venue is located at 5601 North 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85016.

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