Pipeline AZ helps students decide on a career path

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A program called Pipeline AZ guides students on deciding what their career path may be. They have teamed up with the Department of Education to provide the tools that are necessary when making such a decision. Here to talk more about the program and how parents can help is Mary Foote, Pipeline Arizona’s Director.

“We are a career navigation platform. We help people understand what their interests are, match them to in-demand Arizona industries and those in-demand pathways, and show them how they can get there through education and training and open employment opportunities,” Foote said.

Students in the state are required to complete the Education and Career Action Plan put forth by the Department of Education, according to Foote.

“We partner with them to be the platform that helps them accomplish that,” Foote said.

The action plan encourages students to create a post-secondary plan that helps to answer questions about their futures.

“Students are able to favorite multiple career pathways, and with each of those career pathways they can understand what are the best courses for them to take in high school and they can also explore what is the best education and training program for them post high school, in order to achieve their goals,” Foote said.

The best time for students to begin career awareness is very early on, around 5th or 6th grade, according to Foote.

“So much of how many of us end up in our careers is what we’re exposed to,” Foote said.

The point of this is not to “pigeon hole” children, but it helps students be introduced to careers they may not even be aware of. There are a lot of companies that are moving to Arizona, like many semiconductor companies, which could provide great opportunities for kids in the future, Foote said.

Mary Foote, Pipeline AZ's Director

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