GrandPaws Pantry: How one nonprofit is helping seniors care for their pets

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GrandPaws Pantry is a local nonprofit organization that provides monthly pet supplies to senior citizens in Phoenix metro care facilities. Sonya Colattur, GrandPaws Pantry founder and high school junior, sat down with Ted to discuss the organization’s goals and impacts.

Colattur says created the organization in 2016 with the mission to “provide pet supplies to pets in need, specifically the pets of seniors citizens who live in assisted living facilities.”

Colattur was inspired to found GrandPaws Pantry by her beloved great grandmother, who lived in an assisted living community. When she visited her grandmother, she noticed that many of the seniors in the community struggled to take care of their companion pets, and she knew she wanted to help.

For her birthday that year, she made a special request: pet food instead of presents.

“I saw first hand how much these supplies meant to the seniors who were struggling to take care of their pets,” said Colattur. “I knew I wanted to do something beyond that, so I started GrandPaws Pantry.”

One hundred percent of all proceeds and donations to GrandPaws Pantry are used to fund the Senior Companion Pet Care Program, which provided weekly pet supplies. The organization primarily caters to seniors in Medicare, Medicare or ALTCS.

Colattur, the owner of a rescue dog, wants to educate others regarding the bond between people and their pets. Specifically, with seniors and the mental health benefits companion pets provide.

Sonya, only a junior at Xavier Prep, says her great-grandmother inspired her, and helped her understand the challenges many seniors face with loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

 Sonya says she’s not sure where she’ll go to college, but she wants to major in public policy, an interest that has been influenced by her work through GrandPaws Pantry. 

For more information on GrandPaws Pantry, click HERE.

Or you can email them at [email protected].

Sonya Colattur, Founder of Grand Paws Pantry

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