Famed Arizona-based guitarist Esteban reflects on musical journey

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Esteban is an award-winning guitarist who is known for his emotional and passionate performances. Born as Stephen Paul in 1948, he is better known as Esteban. The name was given to him by his mentor, Spanish guitar icon Andrés Segovia.

Esteban became a Valley favorite in 1991 at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch with his masterful and emotionally moving guitar playing. The same year, he also released his first album, Songs From My Heart.

Esteban joined Arizona Horizon to tell the story of a car accident early in his career that cost him both the ability to play and the sight in one of his eyes. Ten years later, he finally regained the use of his hands to play guitar, and his career took off.

“The doctors said I would never play again, and through a lot of work, my fingers came back,” Esteban said.

Audiences worldwide love the multi-platinum artist for his engaging personality. He was also showcased in a Geico Super Bowl commercial and on QVC and HSN.

Esteban was nine years old when he realized he was really good at his craft.

“My Uncle George gave me a beautiful guitar, the same one that Julie Andrews played in ‘The Sound of Music,” Esteban said. “I fell in love with the guitar and never put it down. It’s my heart.”

Esteban received a scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, although his father wanted him to work in the steel mills with him.

Esteban has an upcoming concert at the Orpheum Theater on Saturday, November 4 at 7:00 p.m. View his upcoming event and concert schedule here.

Esteban, guitarist

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