Weekly legislative update with Senator T.J. Shope

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District 16 Senator T.J. Shope joined Arizona Horizon for our weekly look at the Arizona legislature.

Some of the issues we discussed with Senator Shope were election timing issues, the joint legislative budget, and the lawsuit between Republicans and Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes over election rulings.

Senator Shope discussed the need to address election timing issues due to close races and changes in the law. The bill aims to provide extra days for primaries and general elections.

Concerns were raised about the impact of shortened cure periods on low-income voters and rural areas. However, Senator Shope disagreed, stating that the changes would enhance the voting process.

The legislation needed to be addressed promptly to avoid problems, with negotiations ongoing in the weeks leading up to the vote.

There was no consideration of repealing the law, as close elections in previous cycles warranted the need for recount thresholds.

Senator Shope expressed confidence in having enough votes in the Senate and anticipated positive results in the House. Shope also disagreed with the characterization of the election timing issue as a manufactured crisis, citing examples of close races.

T.J. Shope (R), Arizona State Senator, District 16

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