Where do Arizona voters stand on key issues?

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The 2024 Arizona Voters’ Agenda will provide a snapshot of what voters are thinking about, which issues they prioritize and where they stand on issues for the 2024 election.

Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) will publish certain findings from a new survey.

Dr. Sybil Francis, the Chair, President and CEO of Center for the Future of Arizona, joined “Arizona Horizon” to break down the information in the agenda.

“We really like to center the voices of Arizonans, in particularly in this election year, find out what’s really on their minds. You know, we hear a lot about hot button issues, we hear from candidates, the media, others about what’s going on, horse races about who’s ahead, who’s behind. We really thought, ‘Let’s ask Arizona voters what matters to them,’” said Dr. Francis. 

There are additional surveys CFA will conduct to find more information about the election. 

“We are conducting two surveys just as we did in 2022. This round we covered four topics, and after the primary, we will be speaking about the outlook of Arizonans on elections, on the environment, and we still are determining other topics,” said Dr. Francis. 

One of the more prominent topics of the agenda is education. 

“What stands out is over and over and over again that Arizonans are passionate about having a strong education system that helps all students succeed. They want to see more resources in K-12, despite additions to funding from the legislature, ballot initiatives. They still want to see more funding in education,” said Dr. Francis. 

Another key issue for the Voters’ Agenda is state spending. 

“Voters don’t want to see cuts to certain key areas that they pretty much care about. They didn’t want to use the rainy day fund to balance the budget so the picture is not completely clear about where the funds will come from, but they know very much about what they want to protect,” said Dr. Francis. 

Dr. Sybil Francis, Chair, President and CEO, Center for the Future of Arizona

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