Two years since Roe v. Wade was overturned: What now?

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Two years ago today, marks the official anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court reversing the Roe v. Wade decision. This was to remove the constitutional right to an abortion.

Currently, a group in Arizona is attempting to get an abortion enshrinement on the ballot for the November election. The group claims they have received the minimum amount of signatures to ensure this goes on the ballot.

In addition to the overturn and ballot, Vice President Kamala Harris is taking a visit to the Valley.

She will campaign for reproductive rights and her target audience will be geared towards the Latino Community.

Chris Love, an attorney joined Arizona Horizon to discuss the latest updates.

There were some unexpected changes that affected the community. One of the major changes was Planned Parenthood Arizona rejected one hundred patients seeking abortion care.

Love added, “I think that the American people really woke up once they saw that the Supreme Court decided to overturn, precedent for nearly 50 years at that point in time and they thought to themselves if they can take away abortion rights, what else is next?” 

The group plans to turn in around 800,000 signatures on July 3, so that it will appear on the ballot in the November election. 

“We’re excited to finally see the fruition of all this work we’ve been doing, but also I think we’re excited because Arizona voters really came through for us. They really want to see this issue on the ballot,” said Love. 

The goal of the campaign is for people in the community to have freedom and options available when making a decision about abortion. 

“We’ve been running a very nonpartisan campaign because we understand that Arizonans from across the political spectrum believe the same thing we do, that pregnant patients should have the freedom to make personal healthcare decisions especially those about abortion with their families and their healthcare provider and they don’t want politicians involved in that calculus at all,” said Love.  

Chris Love, Attorney at Kewenvoyouma Law

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