Rosie’s House introduces new mental health program for faculty

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Rosie’s House has developed a new program about mental health for faculty. This new program will train faculty to recognize mental health concerns. Interacting with students to get them on the right path for help.

This program is in partnership with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Terros.

Rosie Schurz, a German immigrant, created the non-profit, Rosie’s House. Throughout WWII, Rosie and her family left Germany and left her musical instrument behind. She started the non-profit to help underserved children receive free music lessons and instruments.

Becky Bell Ballard, CEO of Rosie’s House and Kimberly McWilliams, Senior Director of Clinical Excellence at Terros, joined Arizona Horizon to discuss more about the non-profit.

“Rosie’s House is about connecting kids to opportunity and supporting them as they develop their full, creative and personal potential. We do that through music. We have one of the largest 100% free after-school music programs in the country,” said Ballard. 

“Terros has a very robust children’s program for mental health and we notice the same thing Rosie’s House had. Kids post-pandemic had increased anxiety, depression, mood issues, school attendance and we wonder what could we do for these kids,” said McWilliams. 

Music and mental health both come hand in hand. Music brings happiness and positive feelings, which can help reduce mental health. 

“I couldn’t think of better medicine, the joy that music brings and just that sense of self-esteem for kids to learn and participate and have that experience, it seemed like a dream come true,” said McWilliams. 

“Music in our program, the fostering of social connection has been a powerful, powerful way to combat mental health and just give kids the opportunity to have more positive interactions with their peers…,” said Ballard regarding Social connection is a significant part of the program in addition to music.

Becky Bell Ballard, CEO, Rosie’s House
Kimberly McWilliams, Senior Director of Clinical Excellence, Terros

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