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Sky Harbor International Airport plans to expand additional sections of the airport including a new terminal, concourse and walkway.

The construction will begin in 2032 from the FAA’s environmental process, which takes around five years, followed by design work.

The new terminal will be on the airport’s west side, close to where terminals one and two were located before they were demolished. This will be followed by a new concourse located at Terminal Three and a post-security walkway between Terminals Three and Four.

Jay C. DeWitt, Assistant Aviation Director and Chief Development Officer at Sky Harbor International Airport, joined “Arizona Horizon” to give updates on construction.

“A big project like this deserves a full vetting, so the public ought to be able to see what this project is and everything that goes along with it,” DeWitt said. “There’s really no turning back after we build the [terminal].”

The new terminal being built will be substantial and have similar traits to Terminal Four. It’s also estimated to be built in phases, while upgrades will be made to pre-existing terminals.

“We’re also making substantial improvements to both Terminal Three and Terminal Four to the tune of about $400 million that will add capacity and add processing capacity that will allow us to have those terminals last until we can get that new terminal on board,” DeWitt said.

The new concourse at Terminal Three is expected to start construction as early as next year, featuring new food and retail, along with “under the wing services” supporting airport operations. New upgrades and expansions are anticipated to help aid the demand of international travel as well.

“We’ve seen international travel and demand for international seats coming out of Phoenix,” DeWitt said. “We have one concourse that is dedicated to our international traffic which is about 5% of our traffic, so that will be a big part of this new west terminal.”

Jay C. DeWitt, Assistant Aviation Director & Chief Development Officer, Sky Harbor International Airport

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