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Indie artist Danielle Durack has been on the front lines of launching a renaissance period for Phoenix music. When she joined us in the Arizona PBS studio, she performed her songs “By Now” and  “Don’t Know If I’ll Stick Around,” both from her latest album, “No Place.”

“They’re both moments of me in the grieving process and trying to figure out what my life meant at that point,” Durack said. She said the first song is about the process of getting over a breakup, while the latter is about trying to figure out if a relationship is worth continuing.

“I hope to give people what music has given me,” she said. “If it’s a breakup song, I want people to feel comforted, and feel like they’re not alone… But depending on the song, I want people to feel happy or empowered. If I’m giving somebody goosebumps or making them tear up, that’s the best compliment.”

Durack’s brother Matt joined her in studio. “It’s cool to say that I’ve got a great relationship with my brother, and it’s even cooler to say that he plays guitar in my band and that he likes my music enough to support it in that huge way,” she said.

“They say that your band is your family,” Matt said, “but it really is your family… I couldn’t be more proud and privileged to be involved.”

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