How schools are preparing to reopen

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Education officials continue to plan on re-opening schools next month, but those plans are being challenged by the pandemic. Horizonte host Jose Cardenas spoke with Madison School District Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Baca, and Dysart School District Superintendent, Dr. Quinn Kellis on how best campuses can re-open safely.

As of right now, start back dates for in-person instruction can be set for no earlier than August 17th under Ducey’s executive order. But schools could possibly start earlier if they choose to go remote.

The pandemic has caused many school leaders to think of ways to safely go back. At Dysart, school officials intend to start remotely on August 4th. Similar to Dysart, Madison also plans to go remote, but on August 11th.

When students do go back in person school officials plan to put socially distancing measures in place. Some of the proposed measures call for distance seating, a limited number of students in a classroom setting, and more. Though learning will different school districts plan to make the best it.

Both school districts are hopeful for in-person instruction later in the month of August.



Dr. Kenneth Baca, Superintendent Madison School District; Dr. Quinn Kellis, Superintendent Dysart Unified School District

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