John Lewis: A look back at his legacy

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The late John Lewis spent decades as a civil rights leader and was instrumental in the passage of the 1965 Civil Rights Act. Horizonte Host, Jose Cardenas spoke with ASU associate professor, Rashad Shabazz on John Lewis’ fight for voting rights.

The 1965 Civil Rights Act aimed to overcome the legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote. One of the most notable events which led to the act was the March on Selma. The march brought out many young activists who wanted to see change.

One of those activists being 25-year-old Lewis. As one of the organizers of the march Lewis became a key figure in the movement. The day which is now known as Bloody Sunday remembers the many demonstrators who were attacked by Alabama police. The March on Selma is a day many people will never forget.

Currently, movements to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge in memory of Lewis are underway.

ASU associate professor Rashad Shabaz

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