Phoenix planning on making the city safer during heat waves

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Phoenix is looking to become a model for addressing urban heat concerns by rebuilding streetscapes and bus stops to mitigate rising temperatures. For more, we spoke with ASU Global Institute of Sustainability Assistant Research Professor, Melissa Guardaro. 

According to Guardaro we need to take into consideration our most valuable populations due to the fact that extreme heat isn’t the same in all neighborhoods. Guardaro says the best way to combat high temperatures is to bring in vegetation.

As of now, many ideas have been circulated by members of the community on what they would like to see. Some have said to bring in vegetation to transportation stops, while others have said to bring it in near schools. Guardaro says it’s important that communities take in community feedback to properly fill the needs of all.

Though plans are still in the works to bring in vegetation the city hopes their efforts will be positive.


Melissa Guardano, Assistant Research Professor, Global Institute of Sustainability, ASU

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