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An Arizona school teacher in the Hayden-Winkleman Unified School District recently died of COVID-19 after teaching a class this summer. The death has led to some feeling skeptical about schools reopening. Horizonte host, Jose Cardenas talked to elementary school teachers Ralph Quintana and Mark Balder about faculty concerns over the start of the school year.

This past spring students in the Glendale Unified School District were each assigned a Chromebook for distance learning. In Quintana’s class of 140 students, 25% couldn’t get on the online curriculum due to not being able to connect to wifi. One of Quintana’s biggest concerns heading into the start of the school year is students still having trouble connecting to wifi.

Similar to Quintana’s class Balder had the same problem with his class. Balder says his students who were having problems with wifi turned to their smartphones for online learning. Unfortunately, most of the online curriculum was not smartphone capable.

Currently under Gov. Ducey’s June executive order schools can start in person no earlier than August 17. The start back posses challenges for schools with most starting back online a week before Ducey’s in-person start date.

Balder says the culture in the classroom once school does start back in person will be much different. But Balder does feel the in-person interaction is needed for his students.

Gov. Ducey is expected to give an update on schools starting back later in the week.


Mark Balder, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Bicentennial North School; Ralph Quintana, Language Arts Teacher, Glendale

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