Arizona Election Audit’s affect on Republican Party

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GOP political analysts Chuck Coughlin, President of HighGround, and Lorna Romero, Owner of Elevate Strategies discussed the GOP fighting over the ballot audit and election. What does this mean for the future of the party? And what about future elections like in 2022? Will this disenfranchise voters if the GOP keeps saying you can’t trust the process then why would their base feel safe voting?

Coughlin talked about what is going on with the Republican Party. He said this situation is unique. He explains why it is unique and also said it seems a “bit unhinged”. Romero said the audit is much bigger than Arizona. She also said this is also nothing new for Arizona politics, but the difference is “the Donald Trump factor.” She said these people have “an international figure to latch onto.”

Right now, it also makes it a little more dangerous because it is “basically the integrity” of Arizona’s election system. We discussed the script of Republicans saying that the election was a shame but then ask for their vote. Coughlin said they have to get away from those types of words.

We talked with them about all the candidates in Arizona running for office and what it may look like with the audit, and the distrust in the election system. Romero said it is a difficult situation. Many thought that after the election, Trump would not be a factor, but he still is.

She talked about how Trump is still popular with his “base”, so she looked at what strategies Republicans may have to take, so they can be victorious in the general election. Coughlin said how they navigate themselves has got to be on many Republicans’ minds when it comes to running for office.

Romero said Trump is not going away even though he is not the president anymore. She said the longer that this drags out, the more difficult it will be for Republicans.

Chuck Coughlin, President of HighGround, and Lorna Romero, Owner of Elevate Strategies

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