Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo feels the audit is ‘cynical’ and a ‘farce’

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The State Senate’s recount of Maricopa County votes for President and U.S. Senate is in its 3rd month with no clear sign of when it’s all gonna end. Maricopa County officials have been vocal in their opposition to what the Senate calls a, “forensic audit.” Earlier today we talked about it with Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo.

“It’s a farce, I mean that the fact is that Maricopa County conducted a solid election in 2020. It was safe, secure, and accurate. Unfortunately, you have folks that aren’t happy with the results, and they’re trying to find some type of legitimate reason to explain how President Trump lost,” Gallardo said.

Gallardo explained the breakdown of the audit so far, “They have conducted a full review a hand count, they have been at the Coliseum for the last two months, and yet they have not been able to find any type of reason, to show that there was any type of fraud or compromised election, so they continue to try to look.”

He continues to say, “They’re looking for a smoking gun that does not exist. The fact is that we did conduct a solid election, and unfortunately right now, they are doing some tough damage to our democracy and the reputation of our elections department.”

Gallardo believes it’s cynical to look for a ‘smoking gun’, “… let it be Sharpie gate, let it be the router… looking for something, they’re looking for something that does not exist. Here’s one of the things that we got to keep in mind, the folks that are conducting this audit are folks that do not have the experience. They do not have the knowledge, they do not understand Arizona’s elections, procedures and how we conduct elections in the State of Arizona.”

Steve Gallardo, Maricopa County Supervisor

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