Screening for pre-diabetes is highly recommend as diabetes is becoming more prevalent in U.S.

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Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in our country. It’s estimated that 13-percent of Americans over the age of 18 have diabetes. One in three have pre-diabetes. The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends earlier screening for pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes for obese adults 35 and older. SpotRx’s Chief Pharmacy Officer,  Neil Prezioso tells us about this data and new information.

“In an effort to decrease the incidence of diabetes and associated health conditions, the United States Preventive Task Force just recently recommended they change…they recommend overweight and obese people age 35 to 70 years old to be screened for pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes…it used to be 40 years old and up,” Prezioso said.

He said that early screening is really important. It is becoming more prevalent among those with “pre-diabetes” but they are usually unaware that they are at risk for diabetes.

Early screenings can help in preventing those risks and/or delay someone to become type-2 diabetic.

If someone is concerned about their risks, they can reach out to their doctor to be pre-screened for diabetes through a fasting blood sugar level test or HB-A1C test. Prezioso said that it’s very simple, very fast and one of the best things to do when someone is concerned if they are at risk.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes are if you are tired, you urinate a lot, if someone doesn’t feel as good as they used to, they’re not as energetic.

Prezioso said that these symptoms are non-specific but if you are tired and you are starting to put on weight those are good early signs to get in and get tested.

Neil Prezioso, Chief Pharmacy Officer, SpotRx

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