Legislative Update: Democrats have latest from State Capitol

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On this week’s legislative update, Ted sat down with democratic party leaders, Sen. Mitzi Epstein of District 18 and House Democratic Whip Rep. Marcelino Quiñonez of District 11, to discuss current issues in the State Capitol.

Lifting the education funding cap has been an ongoing debate. Both The House and The Senate have worked toward allocating sufficient funds but as of now, this cap is preventing the education system to benefit from such.

“Let’s stop the worries, stop the wait. Let’s lift this spending cap as you know. The Senate and The House together did a budget that put the money in the bank for school districts, but this cap won’t let the schools in the door. And we need to open the door so they can spend the money that’s been allocated,” said Epstein.

Democrats deem it important to lift this cap as soon as possible.

Given that the aggregate expenditure limit was established in 1980, “The cap that it creates in terms of educational spending no longer exists. The cost to educate our students in terms of technology, additional resources has drastically increased,” said Quiñonez.

Sen. Mitzi Epstein/(D) District 18 AND Rep. Marcelino Quiñonez/House Democratic Whip

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