Luna Azul Community Sound Wall

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The State Legislature recently approved funding to construct a new sound blocking wall for Luna Azul, a residential community for adults with disabilities. HOA president Win Charles and former Arizona Senator Paul Boyer join Ted to talk about this improvement for the community.

Luna Azul is located in north Phoenix along the Loop 101 and experiences lots of traffic noise.

“It’s extremely loud, we can’t open our windows at night,” Charles said. “During the day, while we’re working inside our houses, we hear the constant hum of the 101.”

This twenty-foot tall will is expected to reduce noise for the neighborhood. Luna Azul has been pushing for this wall for three years. Recently, Boyer stepped in to help the project gain funding.

“If we had to experience that every night, none of us would live with it,” said Boyer.

The loop 101 was expanded to be a “California style freeway,” as Boyer points out. When Luna Azul was built, the freeway had not yet been created.

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