Weekly legislative update, this week it is the GOP’s turn

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It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for our weekly legislative update. This week it’s the Republicans turn. Senate President Pro-Tempore, TJ Shope and House Majority leader representative, Leo Biasiucci joined Ted to discuss the latest activity at the State Capitol including recent remarks make by Governor Katie Hobbs’ press secretary.

“I thought the governor obviously took the right action in making sure that don’t have an individual who expresses thoughts like this,” said Shope. “This is, unfortunately, for Miss Berry not the first time that there’s been something questionable.”

Shope added that during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests the Berry tweeted a press release that contained quotes from an individual who was once on the FBI’s most wanted list for killing police officers.

“It was a horrible, a horrible thing to see yesterday, but hopefully we can move on and pick up the pieces there,” said Shope.

While this issue was quickly delt with by the governor, critics are questioning when a similar situation will be delt with in the House. Recently, a guest of Representative Liz Harris made remarks during testimony regarding the Mexican cartel that could be considered offensive.

“There’s a due process with all right? You want to make sure that the persons being accused of something, they have the opportunity to come in and testify in front of committee,” said Biasiucci.

According to Biasiucci, the ethics committee is scheduled to meet about the issue this week.

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